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What Is Extended DISC?

Extended DISC offers clients an easy to use "HR assessment tool"

Extended DISC provides individuals, teams, and organisations with a powerful easy-to-use web based assessment tool for understanding personal behavioural style. Based on the popular DISC theory developed in the 1920’s, Extended DISC applications include leadership development, organisation development, sales, communication and interaction skills training, customer service training, and more.

Designed for the business market, the Extended DISC® system is a suite of integrated tools for enhancing individual, team and organisational performance. The foundation of the suite is the Personal Assessment. This is a 10 minute web based assessment that generates a 23 page multifaceted, customised report for each participant. Extended DISC® takes the inputted data and using e-based software, provides customised reports on individuals, teams and organisations.

The reports are:

  • Easy to use and implement
  • Cost effective
  • A strategic and tactical decision-making tool
  • A customisable training, consulting, and coaching tool

The Work Pair Analysis and Team Analysis provide astounding insight into team performance and opportunities for enhancement. Start off with one foundational report. Your staff do not have to learn new concepts, models, or terminology - saving you time, money, and frustration! Extended DISC products share a common framework making it easy to use all of our different tools. There are no new concepts, models or terminology to learn. We can offer you one system with multiple applications.

The Theory Behind Extended DISC

The letters in DISC represent four basic personality styles:

D - Dominance (Results Oriented)
I - Influence (People Oriented)
S - Steadiness (Calm)
C - Conscientiousness (Precise)

How it Works

Individuals respond to 24 sets of word pairs, selecting the pair that is most and least like them, respectively. The data is used to generate a fully customised, colour Personal Analysis report. The same data can then be used to create several different reports and comparisons, including Team Analyses, Work-Pair Analyses, and more.

Assessment, Consultation and Certification

As an Extended DISC International consultant and distributor, we provide DISC consulting, training and certification on the full product line of online and web-based tools, including the DISC Personal Analysis 4.0 survey assessment test profile. We provide you with all the training to use or be certified in all our online DISC assessments, surveys, tests and profiles. These surveys and assessments are designed to help you coach, train or consult around employee development, hiring, and employee retention needs. These tools are often used to develop leaders, managers and teams of people. Research shows that maximising employee potential has direct impact on your bottom-line by increasing efficiency, employee and organisation effectiveness, productivity, and profitability. It is more cost effective to maintain and develop a satisfied employee than to hire a new person.

Extended DISC Personal Analysis

Extended DISC Personal Analysis is our most popular tool. This questionnaire takes only 10 minutes to complete, yet it offers great versatility and flexibility as the assessment results can be customized to provide the specific information you require. The options include your general characteristics of what motivates you, how you make decisions, your communication style, your strengths, and areas where you could benefit from by developing.

Extended DISC Work Pair Analysis

Extended DISC Work Pair Analysis is a very effective tool when used with two people, i.e. employees, by demonstrating how they complement each another and where potential conflict areas may be. It identifies behaviours that are strengths and weaknesses for both individuals. Then it offers a vehicle for creating an action plan to improve and complement the relationship. The most common applications for this instrument are in the area of conflict resolution and performance improvement between:

  • Supervisor and subordinate
  • Team members
  • Employee and administrative assistant
  • Any co-workers where performance is affected by interpersonal relationships.

Extended DISC Team Analysis

Whether you want to improve the performance of a team or the entire organisation, this report provides information in a clear, concise and easy-to-understand visual format that allows the team members, the team leaders and the management to have a better understanding of the team as a system. The most common applications include:

  • Team building & development
  • Organisational development
  • Identification of the most successful behaviours
  • Problem identification

The data for Team Analysis comes from the Extended DISC Personal Analysis Questionnaire. Best of all, Extended DISC Team Analysis is very cost effective. The Team Analysis detailed in-depth report is for groups of 16 or less.

Team Assessment 360

Extended DISC Team Assessment 360 is a unique web-based 360 degree feedback tool because it allows a group of assessors to communicate how he/she perceives the behavioural style of others and how he/she would like others to modify their behaviours for better performance. The tool has no good/bad categories, making it impossible for the assessors to intentionally provide good or bad feedback. Assessors cannot “get back at others” or try to make others “look good”. Also, the results will clearly show how our own biases affect our assessments of others. Often we want others to be more like us at the expense of performance. The reports are given in a graphical and narrative reporting manner. The most common applications include:

  • Leadership/management development
  • Coaching
  • Team development
  • Sales training
  • Customer service training
  • Organisational development applications
  • Career development

The Team Assessment 360 provides a wealth of information, yet is easy to administer. Thousands of feedback sessions have demonstrated the effectiveness of this tool. It can be used by up to twenty 360 degree assessors.

If you would like to learn more about Extended DISC HR Assessment tools and how we can help, please phone 1800 RESULTS.

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