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New Executive Candidate Services including Executive Resume Writing, Interview Coaching & Executive Career Management services and products

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From our Online Shop you can purchase an exclusive range of Executive Resume Writing, Interview Coaching & Executive Career Management services and products. These services are designed to help you achieve amazing results, whether you are looking for a new job, need to improve your interview skills for that dream job, or you just need to get clear career direction and put in place a new, exciting career plan. If you would like to speak to a consultant before purchasing your service, please call 1800 RESULTS or email Click Here. New services and products offered in our Online Shop are highlighted below. We look forward to helping you to achieve amazing results!
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Building Your Online Equity

The internet captures and categorises everything, no matter how trivial or embarrassing. If it was ever online, it is still online. Our online branding package includes a survey of your existing online brand equity to make sure there is nothing out there that could be potentially damaging to your business and professional reputation. We then construct a highly professional brand presence to raise your visibility including establishing a killer LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has become a preferred method for hiring managers and executive search consultants alike to source candidates. We will also help you create a unique personal blog that will highlight your background, showcase articles you may have written, display your original thoughts or ideas on your industry or function, and promote any other products or services you would like to include. We will even set up a Twitter account for you so you can start to follow interesting people and Tweet on interesting subjects. Finally, we will provide one hour of phone support to show you how to keep your online profile up-to-date as well as how to interact with these online communities, and become known to potential employers, joint venture partners and prospective clients. Leverage the power of the internet to create, enhance and protect your online brand equity. To book, visit our Online Shop.

Need a Sea Change or Tree Change?

Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself? Maybe it is just a small change or you have hit a plateau in your career. Maybe it is a major career overhaul that is needed, or you have just been made redundant. Whether it is by choice or forced upon us, reinvention is inevitable and a very healthy part of achieving extraordinary results and sustained growth in any career. In this series of 10 coaching sessions we will help you identify a professional future that really lights you up and has you jumping out of bed in the morning. We will then work with you to come up with an action plan to fill the gap between where you are and where you want to go, and help implement strategies to assure your success. Delivered exclusively by our Career Coaching Guru, this unique program is designed to achieve a significant career change that is just right for you. Visit our Online Shop for more details.

The Movers & Shakers Club

The Movers and Shakers Club is unlike any networking group you have ever been involved with. Our exclusive networking group provides the four things Executives need to ensure their careers stay on an upward trajectory - Skills, Ideas, a Robust Network, and Contacts with the Movers and Shakers within the business community. This is an exclusive executive networking group. Each participant is personally selected, and invited to join based on their career goals and aspirations. Annual membership includes monthly meetings designed for Executive and Senior Executive level networking, helping our members attain additional skills ranging from job searching to leadership to communication and advanced problem solving, and well known guest speakers talking on a variety of topics ranging from practical to inspirational. In addition we include registration with the Australian Small Share Offerings Board where you will have access to Company Directorships, unlimited email support, and a monthly teleconference with a seasoned Executive Career Coach. Take advantage of decades of industry experience and leverage the proven track record of thousands of careers that our team have helped to manage across the globe. You will also have access to an exclusive members-only forum to exchange ideas, job and business opportunities, and to ask questions of other members. For access to an exclusive way to fast track your corporate career, join The Movers and Shakers Club today or speak to Kylie Hammond on 02 9922 6175 about the benefits of membership. Read more about membership and our Career Coaching services in our Online Shop.

Executive Equity Board Appointments

Are you a senior executive thinking about taking a portfolio approach to your corporate career? There is a growing trend towards executives having a portfolio of Board Appointments, Non-Executive Directorships, Director roles, and seeking employment which provides a mixture of equity (script) and cash, instead of traditional forms of remuneration. This service is provided exclusively by Kylie Hammond and includes an in-depth consultation to help you identify the types of portfolio opportunities that you would be best suited to, and a complete online profile designed to attract interest from the private equity market and businesses seeking these types of candidates. This service is delivered within 7-10 business days from booking. For more information visit Executive Equity or call Kylie Hammond on 02 9922 6175.

The Executive Job Seeker Package

The Executive Job Seeker package has been designed exclusively by Kylie Hammond for the up and coming Executive candidate who is wishing to apply for a new position. This service includes a new Executive Resume, a Customised Cover Letter, plus a 90 minute Interview Coaching session with one of our experienced Executive Career Coaches to get you prepared for that all important job interview! If you are looking for results, this package is for you! Delivery time is 7-10 working Days. Read more about our Career Coaching services in our Online Shop.

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